Explore Our Roots: The Origins of Batch Beauty Lab

We began with the joy of experimentation, but have blossomed into so much more. Committed to embracing natural beauty, we’re proud to uplift our community!

2017: The Vision

The earliest hints of Batch Beauty Lab began in 2017, as our founder, Alexandra, began experimenting with blending her own natural skincare. From oils to waxes, Alexandra researched the many benefits of natural botanicals and started sharing her knowledge with others. 

Alexandra soon began to host DIY skincare workshops in her house, inviting family and friends to blend their own small batches of skincare products. She found that others also loved blending natural skincare, and that the workshops were a great way for others to learn about skincare while ensuring that they always received a fresh batch of product. From there, the idea clicked: a company called Batch Beauty Lab that would focus on small, fresh batch skincare that would encourage individuals to experiment while embracing individuality.

2018-19: The Start of Something Special

In 2018, Alexandra pitched her idea in a start-up pitch competition and got funds to kick-start production. Her first goal was to create a professional formula with a chemist. They developed a blend-it-yourself, shake to activate kit consisting of a base and a personalized booster, allowing customers the flexibility to choose their ingredients and the ability to participate in their product’s creation.

On April 24, 2019, Batch Beauty Lab officially launched! Throughout the rest of 2019, Alexandra went to as many markets as possible, talking with customers and refining the company based on feedback she received. Batch Beauty Lab’s purpose was simple: creating empowering products for the bold and the unique.

2020: A Focus on Sanctuary

For both individuals and businesses, the pandemic brought a number of difficulties. Though the market visits came to a halt, Alexandra realized a need for people to relax and recharge at home. Batch Beauty Lab soon released a home collection consisting of a Bath Soak and Body Oil, aimed at helping people turn their homes into a self-care sanctuary, a brief respite from the chaos of the world.

2021 & Looking Forward

In addition to founding Batch Beauty Lab, Alexandra is also a business consultant for small-mid size businesses. Later in 2021, Batch Beauty Lab will begin a consulting initiative where Alexandra will help one small business per month, aiming to build a community of entrepreneurs and small businesses! 
Of course, 2021 has also brought the launch of Batch Beauty Lab’s Journal. Like Alexandra’s early workshops, our Journal aims to educate community members on skincare, natural beauty, and wellness. We hope you enjoy reading our Journal just as much as we love writing it.

Written by Demetra Nikolakakis

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