Batch Beauty Lab is a small female founded and run business based in Toronto. The brand was born out of the desire to create natural self-care products for the bold and unique. We are passionate about wellness and self-discovery and are on a mission to create products that make you feel confident. We experiment, craft, design, and imagine all the possibilities in-house and we pack every single order with so much joy. We exist because of you and thank you for your support! #FindYourBatch


We may be a small brand, but we’ve come a long way! To read more about our journey, check out this journal post. 


Small Batch, Big Impact
Our skincare products are always made in small batches with high-quality, environmentally sustainable ingredients. We don’t just take care of your skin, we also take care of the planet!

Confidence To Be Unapologetically Unique
We believe that beauty comes from embracing your individuality, so we create products and foster a community that embraces natural beauty while inspiring confidence. 

Community Empowerment and Boosting New Businesses
Small businesses are at the heart of a community, but it can be hard for them to get started. To help out, our founder Alexandra continues to work with small businesses monthly through her consultancy White Owl Strategy to coach and assist with others with business planning and growth. 

Knowledge is Power
As a natural wellness company, we have a deep understanding of skincare, wellness, and lifestyle. To empower our community, we created a virtual journal, Beyond the Lab, that’s dedicated to sharing knowledge while supporting the growth of freelance writers. Interested in contributing? Contact us at

Empowering All
We are committed to uplifting and empowering all members of our community. Our products are made for everyone and every body. We are inclusive of all and celebrate individuality.