Face Rollers: Here’s What You Need to Know

From Sephora’s beauty aisle to aesthetically pleasing Instagram pics, beauty rollers seem to be everywhere. But what exactly do they do? While it’s easy to assume that they’re just a fancy way to apply products, facial rollers come with a variety of benefits, including promoting blood circulation and draining lymphatic fluid. 


Increased Blood Circulation

When using a facial roller, blood flow increases throughout your face. In turn, the blood cells carry nutrients to your skin cells and help get rid of any waste, ultimately leading to clearer, healthier looking skin.

Reducing Puffiness

Facial rollers can also help drain lymphatic fluid, which is associated with puffiness. Although the effect is temporary (and doesn’t have any effect on the fat content of your face), using a facial roller can help get rid of puffiness and give your face a more toned appearance.

A Little Luxury

Okay, this one might be a little bit self-indulgent, but applying products with a beautiful stone can really help your skincare routine feel much more luxurious. As the cool stone rolls over your face, you receive a mini massage; the product glides into your skin. While there’s nothing wrong with using your fingers to apply skincare products, the roller transforms routine into experience.

Tips for Use

Use Thinner Products

Thick creams can be hard to spread around with a facial roller. Instead, try using your roller with facial oils, serums, essences, or other thin products. Not only will the product be easier to distribute, you’ll need less to cover your face and you’ll be more gentle with your skin.

Gently Roll Upwards

Rolling in a downwards or side-to-side motion is typically associated with sagging skin, and rolling too hard can do more harm than good. For best results, gently roll in an upwards motion!

A Clean Roller is a Safe Roller

Given all the benefits for a facial roller, you may want to incorporate one into your daily routine! But whether you roll on a daily basis or just on occasion, you should be sure to clean it after each use. Otherwise, bacteria could start to grow on it – not exactly ideal for a skincare tool.
If cleaning your roller after each use sounds a bit ambitious, you’re not alone. But at the very least, you should thoroughly clean it once a week. You may also want to clean the roller before using it if you haven’t used it for a while, just to be on the safe side.

Refrigerate for an Extra Boost

Though you certainly don’t have to refrigerate your facial roller to enjoy all the benefits, a cooler stone can feel more relaxing, especially in the hot summer! 

Written By: Demetra Nikolakakis

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