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Maggie Renaud

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What does being bold and unique mean to you?

Boldness and uniqueness come from embracing your individuality. We’re all different people with different attributes so, for me, being bold and unique requires understanding who you are and what you stand for.

When do you feel the most confident?

I love my routine and being active. When I am well rested and have burned my daily energy, I feel the most confident. For me, the fog of unspent energy really clutters up my mind, so I look to clear that part of my day as early as possible; get up and get it.

Favourite Batch Beauty Lab Product?

Can't live without Base 001 Nourish | Hydrate Facial Oil

Sunday Series_Maggie

 A Note From Maggie

Hi Everyone, 

Maggie Renaud here. A bit about me, I grew up in Milton, Ontario but now live in Burlington - something about the escarpment has kept me in this area.  I’ve recently switched careers from commercial property management to become a residential real estate sales rep, working with my Mom and her team.  Finally, does anyone know where to adopt a puppy these days? 

I’m almost 100% certain that the world doesn’t need another post of a Realtor pitching themselves and how much over asking they can achieve. Instead of that, I would like to take the opportunity to offer help.

Home buying, especially for first timers, can be an overwhelming undertaking. There are some basic steps that anyone can take to make sure that they that they a) understand the process and b) ask the right questions.

My Instagram is there for people to follow for insight and I am always available for Q&A. As someone that went through the first-time buying process just before becoming a sales rep, I’ve learned firsthand from quite a few mistakes. Besides, I’m sure almost everyone has heard their parents say, ‘if I knew then what I know now’. Wouldn’t it be better to know now?

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