7 Beauty Trends You Need to Know

We all could agree that our lives have changed drastically over the past year, including our beauty routines. A greater appreciation for all things natural has taken over as many rethink consumerism and embrace what Mother Nature has gifted us. 

Words such as clean, slow, and sustainable are buzzing and the beauty industry has shifted accordingly. Many brands are pivoting to offer eco-friendly products that consumers can feel good about. 

Along for the ride are a handful of movements in response to the pandemic lifestyle as a whole. Keep reading for the latest in beauty trends right now. 

1. At-Home Tools 

After a few at-home pedicures or root touch-ups, confidence in carrying out such services at home is on the rise.

Beauty and wellness lovers alike are taking it a step further by indulging in the holistic healing properties of self care and integrating Ancient Eastern Asian practices into their skincare routines using gua sha stones and facial rollers. Calming, smoothing, and lifting the skin has never felt this good, no spa required.

2. Look me in the Eyes

Masks have become the new normal allowing the eyes to have a serious moment this year. Playful pops of colour and bold geometric lines can be expected as eyeshadow and eyeliner take center stage. Leave your lipstick behind, and let your eyes do all the talking. 

3. Scalp Love

A newfound appreciation for the scalp is finally here. In fact, many are coining scalp care as the new skincare. After years of evolving and perfecting skin and beauty routines, it’s time to show your scalp some TLC. 

Using your favourite facial oil or the Batch Beauty Lab Weightless Body Oil, go ahead and massage the scalp gently in circular motions to promote blood circulation. We recommend a wide tooth comb to prevent hair breakage and support a healthy, happy scalp.


4. Bath and Body Reimagined

Imagine a long, peaceful bath allowing any tension to melt away as you sink further into a meditative state. Bathing has served as the ultimate haven for mind, body, and soul as our lives have shifted dramatically due to the pandemic. 

In need of healing, many have turned to elevating their bath and body rituals, introducing decadent bath soaks and soothing body oils to their self care lineup. So go ahead and embrace in the detoxifying, relieving, and nourishing effects of an indulgent bath, we know you deserve it. 

5. Clean Alternatives

It’s no longer good enough to have a product that simply delivers what it promises. Now, the movement of clean alternatives and sustainability has found its way into the beauty industry as consumers demand brands should do better. 

Natural, transparent, ethical, slow, sustainable, and of course, effective, are all words that may be used to describe this shift in consumerism. We understand that consumers deeply value products that fulfill these categories in every aspect from production to end-user and beyond. 

6. Less is More 

Say goodbye to multi-step makeup routines, full coverage products, and clogged pores. The term ‘skininimalism’ coined by Pinterest Predicts favours the no-makeup look. 

A shift towards a greater appreciation for natural beauty means skin textures are celebrated and freckles are desired. Get the glow with our all-natural Nourish | Hydrate Facial Oil that revitalizes your complexion and hydrates your skin.



7. Custom Care

The need for simple, slow cycles has encouraged many beauty companies to adopt custom or made-to-order formulas that target personalized needs while minimizing waste. Small batches support a natural and eco-friendly lifestyle that changes the way most shop for beauty. We encourage you to #findyourbatch of beauty!

Comment which beauty trend you’re indulging in this year. We’d love to know!

Written By: Sarah Pasquini

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