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The Sunday Series, presented by Batch Beauty Lab, is an Instagram takeover that explores the simple or lavish 'Self-Care Sunday' routines of entrepreneurs, creators, wellness lovers, dreamers, & members of our bold and unique community. If you're not already, you can follow along on Instagram weekly, here. 

Meet Meghan Bonhomme

Hi I'm Meghan! Your lead cheerleader, fun yogi, tough love teacher, and accountability bff to shake you out of your negativity and guide you to deep self love. I'm teaching humans how to reach their potential with Presence & Positivity. I’ve worked with thousands of students over the past decade, and I’m sharing all the mindfulness practices and mindset techniques that have unleashed unlimited potential—both in myself and in the humans I've coached.



What does being bold and unique mean to you?

Being bold and unique is about knowing and loving ourselves enough to be ourselves. It's about tuning into our own gifts and quirks and lovingly and unapologetically sharing them with the world. Boldness is reflected in our ability to try new things and then stick to them even when they're challenging. It's when everyone is turning right but we know left is where our heart is at. Being bold and unique is going left.

When do you feel the most confident? 

I feel most confident when I'm connected to myself. When I'm taking time in my day to be with me, I feel stronger and more powerful to be in the world and create an impact. Sometimes this looks like a solid meditation practice, sometimes this feels like a long soak in the bath. Sometimes it sounds like crying while journaling. Whenever I take time for ME, I feel more confident showing up in the world and for others.

Favourite Batch Beauty Lab Product?

Can't live without Batch Beauty Lab HEAL Custom Facial Oil



A Note From Meghan

I'm super passionate about self-care. And while I love bubble baths and face masks, there's more to it than that. Self-Care is putting on the face oil AND sitting with our emotions. It's dry brushing our bod AND setting boundaries. It's taking time to gua sha our face AND stare in our own eyeballs with love and forgiveness. Every day, but especially Sundays, is an opportunity to reconnect to ourselves and remember that at the end of the day, all we really have is ourselves--and that's a relationship worth investing in. 
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