Sweat and Glow: The Ultimate Skin Duo

Who knew sweating could look this good? Allow us to introduce you to the unlikely but unmatched duo, sweat and glow! The two work together in perfect harmony to promote increased blood flow leaving your skin cells full of vitality. 

Bright and even complexions are not reserved for intensive skincare routines or those who got lucky with good genes. Getting sweaty might just be the effective skin solution you have been looking for all along. Dewy, radiant skin is just one good sweat session away. Keep reading to learn more about the power of sweating for your skin.

What happens when you sweat?

Your body is regulating its core internal temperature in order to stay stable and cool. According to MedlinePlus, sweat is composed of 99% water and 1% salt and fat (Vorvick and Zieve, 2021). Sweating allows your pores to open up and helps flush out any built-up dirt or bacteria from congested skin. 

Is sweating good for your skin?

Definitely! Although we often associate sweating with a sticky and unpleasant feeling, sweating contributes directly to a fresh, dewy glow. With the help of increased blood flow after a heart-pumping activity, your skin cells receive optimal amounts of nutrients and oxygen and simultaneously clean out waste.  

Your circulatory system plays a great role in your skin’s overall appearance. Improving skin health relies on physical activity levels and what is done to increase blood flow. The best natural (and cheapest) way to achieve the glowing complexion of your dreams is breaking a good sweat, whatever that looks like for you!

How do you achieve a healthy glow after sweating?

Let your glow shine! But first, the sweat has to go. If not cleaned and cared for properly, sweat or any unclogged impurities sitting on the skin’s surface may be reabsorbed back into the skin triggering irritation and new breakouts. 

Post-sweat, gently wash your face with your favourite cleanser. Give your body a light wash using your go-to soap concentrating on areas where sweat is thick and accumulates most. This may include the back of your neck, underarms, chest, and groin. Consider exfoliating any dead skin that has been lifted to reveal an even brighter glow. Ensure to leave the sweaty clothes behind and opt for a fresh outfit, steering clear of possibly reintroducing dirt to your freshly cleaned and illuminated skin.

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Written By: Sarah Pasquini

Sources: Vorvick, L. and Zieve, D., 2021. Sweating - Health Video: MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia. [online] Medlineplus.gov. Available at: <https://medlineplus.gov/ency/anatomyvideos/000127.htm>.


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