The Skincare Maximalist Routine Explained

The realm of skincare is home to endless amounts of products to choose from and when you finally do, how do you apply them? A practice meant to heal, relax, and rejuvenate the skin should be the furthest thing from intimidating. A general rule of thumb is to apply skincare products from thinnest to thickest consistency for best results. This allows your skin to drink each layer in before the next. It’s that simple! Keep reading and let go of any fears as we effortlessly break down the order of the skincare maximalist routine. 

Skincare Maximalist Routine Explained Batch Beauty Lab Inc.

The Breakdown


Preparing the skin for your product lineup is the most important step and should never be forgotten. Choose a cleanser that is gentle, non-stripping, and right for your skin type. A fresh face makes for the perfect base allowing maximum product absorption so you can get the most out of your skincare routine.


Lightweight and refreshing are characteristics of this optional step most commonly used to help soothe and retain skin’s moisture. Others may enjoy the benefits of chemical toners to help calm trouble areas. 

Eye Cream

This delicate area loves delicate attention. Eye creams are formulated specially to keep this sensitive area supple with ultra-gentle ingredients. Concerns may include puffiness, dryness, uneven tone, the look of bags, and fine lines - nothing an eye cream can’t tackle.


An excellent way to treat greater skin issues such as dullness, texture, or aging, with a variety of benefits that can be tailored to your skincare needs. Serums tend to be light, absorbent and full of active ingredients that get to work fast. 

Spot Treatments

An optional treatment specifically for trouble spots or breakouts that need a little extra attention. Higher concentrated solutions include active ingredients such as salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide designed to reduce redness, size, and inflammation. 


Supple skin is the happiest skin. Keeping your skin hydrated is a crucial step in your skin’s healing process against acne, aging, and dullness. This layer provides and seals in moisture so your skin can do what it does best. Say hello to softer, vibrant skin.

Face Oil 

Lock in all of the luxurious ingredients from each previous step with a facial oil rich in antioxidants and antibacterial properties. Opt for a naturally-derived solution with essential fatty acids that drys quickly to achieve a hydrated, but never greasy, glow.  

Pro-Tip: Use a face tool like a Rose Quartz Roller or Gua Sha in combination with a face oil to stimulate blood flow and lymphatic drainage in the face for an all-day natural glow. Watch this tutorial! 

Batch Beauty Lab Inc.

SPF Sunscreen 

Protect the skin you’re in by adding SPF sunscreen to your daily routine. Blocking the sun’s harmful rays is the secret to anti-aging. Cherish this step all-year-round to maintain a youthful look.

We know what you’re thinking. How does anyone have enough time in the morning for an 8-step routine? Not to mention, how expensive would this routine be?

At Batch Beauty Lab, we understand that skincare isn’t perfect and there is truly no right way to do it. We believe in healthy skin over perfect skin. We believe that skincare is unique, bold, and incredibly you.

Interested in an accessible and minimal skincare regimen that doesn’t cut corners? See our 4-step minimalist routine that illuminates the most essential steps for equally healthy skin.

Comment which skincare step you look forward to the most. We’d love to know!

Written By: Sarah Pasquini

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