Get to Know Valerie LaVigne

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Meet Valerie LaVigne

Valerie is a teacher of Health, Wealth, and Mindfulness and a lover of travel and chocolate. Through her Mentorship program, podcast and instagram page, she empowers women to create healthy habits so that they can become the best version of themselves and transform their lives!


What does being bold and unique mean to you?

Growing up being unique was how I identified myself. And through a personal yoga practice I discovered this intrinsic pull toward empowering others to share their own uniqueness. It felt as though I could see this light in others that needed to witness expression by someone else so that it could shine. Like it was waiting for permission. As I began to work with my fitness students and coaching clients I discovered the missing piece that allows us all to shine is courage. It is our uniqueness that makes us so wonderful, and our ability to be bold that amplifies our uniqueness. 

When do you feel the most confident?

I feel most confident when I’m consistent with my healthy habits, especially my weight lifting and reformer pilates training. When my body can lift heavy weights, or move gracefully on the reformer, I feel so confident in myself and in my strength and connection with my body and mind.

Favourite Batch Beauty Lab Product?

Can't live without Base 001 Nourish | Hydrate Facial Oil + Weightless Body Oil


A Note From Valerie

Through my own journey and experiences I have become a health coach, and a teacher of many subjects. I work with women ready to elevate their health, wealth and happiness through my 1:1 personalized Make a Habit Mentorship Program. The beauty of growth is that is is a daily practice, and I am here to teach, and mentor you in creating lasting habits that lead to powerful transformation.
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