Get to Know the Antonangeli Sisters

The Sunday Series, presented by Batch Beauty Lab, is an Instagram takeover that explores the simple or lavish 'Self-Care Sunday' routines of entrepreneurs, creators, wellness lovers, dreamers, & members of our bold and unique community. If you're not already, you can follow along on Instagram weekly, here. 

Meet The Antonangeli Sisters of @3Girlsandourcloset

3 Girls & Our Closet is a fashion, travel, and lifestyle brand created by the Antonangeli sisters based in Toronto, Ontario. 3 Girls & Our Closet gives their followers a glimpse into their everyday lives by sharing their favourite #OOTD, beauty routines and vacation spots. 3 Girls & Our Closet prides itself on being authentic and empowering others to embrace their personal style and be true to who they are. During their 9-5, 3 GIrls & Our Closet consists of a teacher, lawyer, and naturopathic doctor to be! 


What does being bold and unique mean to you?

To us, being bold and unique means being authentically you. It means doing what makes you happy and not worrying about what others think. It also means striving to be the best version of yourself and taking chances even though something may be new and unknown to you. 

When do you feel the most confident?

We feel most confident when we get to work and be creative together. We also feel confident when we are taking care of our mind and our bodies and when we do that, we aren't doing it for anyone else but ourselves. For us, putting on an outfit that makes us feel beautiful and doing our daily skin routine that makes our skin glow makes us feel like we can conquer anything! 

Favourite Batch Beauty Lab Product?

Can't live without Batch Beauty Lab Base 001 Nourish | Hydrate Facial Oil

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