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Love Yourself Gift Set

Love Yourself Gift Set

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You deserve it!

The ultimate self-care, self-love gift set has arrived.

Our Bath Soak customized with mood-boosting Organic Rose Buds is the perfect vice for a calm and revitalizing self-love experience.

Rose Quartz, the universal stone of love, is known to open the heart and promotes self-love and healthy relationships.

The Rose Quartz Heart Meditation Stone serves as the perfect token of self-love. Meditate with it in hand to manifest your hearts deepest desires.

Wear the Rose Quartz Bracelet with an open heart to deepen your self-love practice daily.

Gift Set Includes:

  • (1) 8oz Himalayan Pink Salt + Dead Sea Salt Soak w/ Organic Rose Buds
  • (1) Rose Quartz Heart Meditation + Pocket Stone
  • (1) Rose Quartz 3mm Round Stone Bracelet